From birth, a child has choices. At first, parents make the decisions, but before the end of the first year, children are capable of making some simple selections. If children are allowed to make easy choices as toddlers, then making decisions for themselves as they grow becomes less difficult.

These lessons introduce guided, money-related, decision-making activities for children in preschool and kindergarten.

Guiding young children with simple choices now will give them the experience and confidence to make their own decisions as they grow.

Making decisions teaches children responsibility and
enhances their ability to function successfully in their teen and adult years. Confidence in decision-making enhances children’s control over their lives and gives them power.


Very young children are able to analyze and choose between two equally positive alternatives without major negative consequences. As children grow older, they become able to select the best from among a greater number of alternatives.

A positive relationship to money is a gift that keeps on giving.

Money is an activity and a mystery. It’s hidden away behind apps and cards, making it even more challenging to explain and much less navigate. With limited financial education available, growing economic disparity, and 80% of families in debt, learning about earning, spending, saving and giving  early is more important than ever. 

We help our parents teach their kids about money whether we know it or not. Kids learn from our behaviors, words, and actions. They learn from peers and advertising and cultural norms with core values set by age seven. By nine, they’re sorting out who they are and how they can show up in the world. This is when they connect learning to earning. 

Our camp is geared towards teaching your child about financial investments, economics, and financial management on locations (if you are near one of our offices) or online.

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