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Do you want your young person to learn how to earn, spend, save, and give responsibly?

Learning Money is Fun was created by BLE Training’s Chief Learning Officer Brian T. Hammond. He has a desire that all young people have a chance to become wealth creators. It all starts with understanding MONEY!

Learning Money is Fun is changing the way students around the country think about money.

Our financial literacy programs provide an engaging, real-world experience to students they will never forget. As one of the few training organizations providing financial literacy education to kids nationwide, we believe it is our duty to teach as many students as possible.

The Learning Money team spent countless hours building a program with the same fun and engaging experience for its students. 


Learning Officer

Financial Literacy Training

BLE Training’s Financial Literacy Training Course provides the tools and training required to deliver foundational money management education for young people.


What to expect?


  • Our goal is to help you answer the question you will ask yourself ten years from now without the training “If someone had told me to do these things when I was young, I would be in a much better place.” Well, we are getting you prepared today so that your financial future can be much brighter.The interactive class is taught in plain language, tailored to the unique needs of our young people.

  • An activity-based approach provides an engaging environment to learn about a challenging topic.

  • Ten modules cover both the practical and behavioral components of financial literacy, increasing the chances that the participants will be able and willing to make the changes in their own lives.

What you will learn in this training:


  • Foundational financial literacy education
  • You will understand your relationship with money and how it governs your actions.
  • How financial literacy is used to give you a head start in life and reduce bad habits.
  • Young-Adult learning principles and facilitation techniques using specific interactive exercises.

Learning Objectives

After attending this training, you will be able to:


  • Identifying areas for growth through setting goals.
  • Complete a goal road map and use it as a problem-solving tool.


  • Describe how needs and wants impact our spending habits.
  • How to identify and track expenses.
  • How to develop a budget in class based on income and expenses.


  • Explain bank account options and benefits.
  • How to use bank services efficiently and safely.
  • Know how to find banking tools and resources.


  • Explain the purpose, advantages, and disadvantages of credit.
  • List and brainstorm strategies with the class for using credit wisely.
  • Learn where to access consumer credit resources and tools.


  •  Discover what consumerism is and its effects.
  • Describe how advertising is constructed to impact consumerism.
  • Learn strategies for controlling consumerism and discussion on how to live more simply.


Course outline

To view the In-person and online course schedule, please click here.


What is included within the Financial Literacy Training?

For our online live sessions, you will receive:

Financial Literacy participant handouts.

Networking opportunities with other students.

You will be admitted to our Thousandaire Club after you have completed the online training course.


Course interaction & system requirements

The Financial Literacy Training offers live online training to accommodate training participants’ needs. The training is in a group setting and is interactive.  Attendees may ask and answer questions throughout the training and participate in instructor-led discussions.

Online live training:

5 x 2-hour training on the ten core modules.


How much does training cost?

The cost to attend the BLE Training’s online Learning Money is Fun training course is $250.00/person. Tuition includes all materials and membership into our Thousandaire Club.


Fill out the form below or contact us at 1 (800) 428-2424.


Who is this training for?

The training is for young people who want to up their skills in money and foundational financial literacy topics. No prior experience in finances is necessary.


How long is the training?

The live, five-week – twice a week course runs for 2 hours each session.

For more information, view a sample schedule:

Certificates of completion will be awarded on the last day of training for all those who have attended the scheduled training days.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be received within ten business days before the course start for a full refund.


Questions or Concerns?

If concerns arise during your Financial Literacy Training course, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 1 (800) 428-2424 or info@ble.training


Upcoming Courses

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